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Black Mask

Any man who cares about the health of his skin knows how important it is to cleanse and moisturize their skin. However, even with all the effort we put into our skincare routine, our pores still get clogged with oil, dirt, and debris. Clogged pores can leave your face feeling greasy and subject to skin problems. Therefore, it is essential to give your face a deep and intensive clean regularly. At Styles Lounge, we offer a black mask treatment to keep your skin fresh and clean. A black mask is a charcoal mask that will clean impurities from the pores. Naturally absorbent, activated charcoal pulls molecules without leaving behind further dirt and debris. During the black mask procedure at our barbershop, we start with a hot towel to open up your pores, and then we follow up by applying a relaxing black mask. This treatment will pull out blackheads, absorb oil, and remove all other impurities, giving you a fresher overall look and healthier skin. We also provide a waxing hair removal service for your eyebrows and facial hair, which will eliminate unwanted hair and leave you looking clean and sharp. We’re dedicated to giving your face the best possible care, and we promise you’ll walk out feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Give your face the clean it needs by making an appointment with our barber in Mississauga, ON today.

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