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best barber service in mississauga brampton barbershop

Executive Pack

At Styles Lounge, we are committed to giving you the ultimate barbershop experience. We provide an array of men’s grooming services to help you feel your best. With our vast range of treatments, you will get the relaxation you deserve. If you want the complete experience, then our executive pack is the right choice for you. This package has it all. It includes a full haircut, beard work, and two hot towels and facial masks. First, you get your haircut, then a hot towel followed by a beard trim and precision lineup with a razor, and then finally a second hot towel followed by a black mask and then a gold mask. The black mask will remove impurities and blackheads from your skin, while a gold mask rejuvenates and softens your skin. This service will have you ready for that party, wedding, or any special occasion. Whether you have a big event to prepare for or just want to treat yourself, there is no better way to maintain your hair and beard while refreshing yourself. Don’t be afraid to get a little pampering! We promise you will walk out looking and feeling fantastic. Make an appointment with us in Mississauga, ON today.

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